CDO Karne Norte Picadillo

CDO Karne Norte Picadillo

“Guisado na naman?” Tired of listening to this line whenever I tell him that we will eat CDO Karne Norte for breakfast or lunch. So, I scoured the internet to look for a new recipe to try.

After an hour of searching, I found nothing that he liked. With exasperation, I checked the label in the can and found out that they have a written recipe there, and you guessed it right, the recipe is CDO Karne Norte Picadillo.

Sharing the recipe and video here with you:


2 cans of CDO Karne Norte⠀
onion, garlic, tomato⠀
potato, carrots⠀
cabbage, green peas, bell pepper
water, egg⠀
salt, pepper

How to Cook:

1. Saute garlic, onion, tomato, potato, carrots, and Karne Norte.
2. Season with salt and pepper.⠀
3. Add water and let it simmer until veggies are cooked.⠀
4. Add cabbage, green peas, and bell pepper.⠀
5. Add egg and stir.
6. Serve hot!

And that’s it! Very easy.

We also made a CDO Karne Norte Sandwich with lettuce and cheese. Just saute the Karne Norte as you would normally do. Once done, set aside and toast the bread. Then arrange the sandwich – lettuce first, cooked karne norte, and cheese.

CDO Karne Norte Sandwich

My toddler liked it, I hope your children like it too! 🙂

How about you? What other recipes have you tried that you can recommend using Karne Norte? Share it in the comment section. 🙂

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