Delicious Coffee Caramel Cake from Goldilocks

Goldilocks’ new premium greeting cake combines coffee and caramel

Having a slice of cake with your favorite flavors combined is like heaven on earth. Why limit yourself to one flavor when you can indulge in the sweet combination of two, coffee and caramel, as Goldilocks introduces its newest premium greeting cake?

Goldilocks Coffee Caramel Cake
Make any moment deliciously memorable with this Goldilocks Coffee Caramel Cake!

Perfect for celebrating birthdays or gifting to those who simply love coffee and caramel, the new Goldilocks Coffee Caramel Cake offers a luscious fusion of flavors and great value for money. Make it an occasion to remember where everyone gets a filling and satisfying slice of this hefty 9” round cake that can serve 12 people for only P649.

Any celebration, big or small, becomes even more enjoyable with the new Goldilocks Coffee Caramel Cake. This latest mocha cake creation is sure to impress not only your taste buds but also your other senses. Wait ‘til you smell its irresistible scent of coffee and caramel.

When it’s time to dig in, share with them the memorable moment of slicing through the rich and thick coating that encases levels of fluffy mocha-flavored layers. In between are delightful creams and filling, while fun and flavorful mocha buttercream icing round out the premium greeting cake design.

Remember that choosing the best premium greeting cake does not have to be a choice between one flavor or another. You can always get the best of both worlds from Goldilock’s newest premium greeting cake, which will satisfy plenty of your loved ones at an affordable price!

To #CelebrateWithGoldilocks and its new premium greeting ca, visit a Goldilocks store near you or order online through Follow Goldilocks PH on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates.

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