Conching's Special Atchara

Atchara, a Must Buy from Calaca City, Batangas

Conching's Special Atchara
Conching’s Special Atchara

My trip to Calaca will never be complete without eating or taking home Atchara, can be Atsara or Achara. Calaca is known to have the finest Atchara. It is home to the Calacatchara Festival which Calaqueños celebrate every May.

Atchara (also spelled achara or atsara), is a pickle made from grated unripe papaya popular in the Philippines. This dish is often served as a side dish for fried or grilled foods such as pork barbecue. The name may come from several names for South Asian pickle and is related to acar from neighboring Indonesia and Malaysia.” – Wikipedia

Conching’s Special Atchara

There are different types of Atchara in the Philippines but nothing beats, for me, the variant made in Calaca City, Batangas. It tastes a bit sour and sweet. The shredded Papaya is crunchy, and the color makes it extra inviting to eat. This is a perfect side dish for any grilled or fried viand, but I partner this with any ulam. I even asked my siblings to send me one when I moved to the North.

I will not go into details anymore as to how it is being made as I do not know the exact measurement of ingredients used and the process. But the main ingredients are green papaya with carrots, ginger, onions, and red bell pepper. Maybe, just maybe, when I have time in the future, I’ll try to make the exact version and I’ll share it with you. 🙂


  • Hazel

    I used to hate atchara but i find that it’s good when eaten with inasal or bbq! Yummmm!! Nakakatakam tuloy hahaha! I’m curious with the taste of that variant made in Calaca. 🥰

  • clang

    Antagal ko na pala di kumakain ng atchara… last na kain ko pa nung bata pa ako… atcharang gawa lang ng lola ko ang kinakain ko before. Heheh…

  • theresa

    I didn’t know about the Calacatchara festival. I have friends who are festival photograpgers and they also haven’t heard about it. Love atchara with any fried and lechon kawali. 😁

  • Karla

    When I was a kid, I used to hate eating atchara. Now that I’m an adult, I really appreciate it’s taste! If Korea has kimchi, Philippines has atchara!

  • Franze Garcia

    OMG, my great grandmother used to make Atchara, and we used to have it as our business when I was a little kid. I am very familiar about this since I am from Batangas where it is really famous of. Overabundance of these goods are being traded during Calacatchara Festival in the Calaca Batangas.

  • blair villanueva

    I remember my Mom used to make this atsara. I tried doing it myself, pero iba pa rin kapag si Mama gumawa 🙂

  • WanderWoMom

    hindi ako kumakain ng atchara hahaha! pero alam ko pang tanggal umay ito!!! naalala ko palagi ko ililipat sa plato ng mommy ko yung atchara ko kasi di ko bet, or takot ako tikman, picky ako hahahaha

  • JEN

    my grandmother love making atchara and would eat together with almost every viand. I personally find it ok, I would eat it sometimes and sometimes I wont.

  • Abby

    I love Atchara! I used to eat this together with fried fish and rice. Once my friend who went to PH got the chance to bring like this kahit bawal.

  • Anie Ordillo

    Wow, that Atchara looks delicious! I remember making Atchara in grade school as a project in HELE class. I like to eat it with any fried meat. Can’t wait for Atchara recipe you’ll share! Sana soon but no pressure! 😄👍🏼

  • Sarrah Cea

    Atchara para sa mga nauumay! Kidding aside I love atchara and I miss eating it. I hope to make one soon since I am here abroad. 🙏

  • Jan Darren Guiwan

    This reminded me of my Aunt’s atchara version from Naga. To bring home back to Pampanga, I have to endure the long land travel as this is prohibited in flights – both check in and hand carry.

    I love stocking on atchara, as this refreshes my tongue, and relieves “umay” especially when eating savory meat dishes.

  • Pinaynursemeetsworld

    Atchara is one of my favorite sawsawan paired with veggies or fried fish.:) I should try buying it from there when I get a chance!:)

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