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Cool Bikes You’ll Want To Ride Right Now

Remember how excited you were to get your first bicycle when you were a kid? Remember how proud you were of the way it looked and how accomplished you felt when you finally learned to ride it? Now that you are an adult, you may have lost a lot of the excitement you once felt about bike riding. Like so many things that you once enjoyed, it may seem like more of a chore than anything else.

However, there are more reasons to get excited about bicycling now than ever before. It is a great form of exercise, a non-polluting form of transportation, and a great way to get rid of your pent-up cabin fever without coming into close contact with others. Maybe the reason you’re having trouble getting excited about it isn’t your age but the bicycle itself. You may not even be aware of it, but there are a lot of cool new bikes out there that can help you reclaim the excitement that you felt about riding as a kid.

Cool Bikes You’ll Want To Ride Right Now

1. Electric Bikes

The phrase “electric bikes for sale” may conjure images of mopeds or electric scooters. Put those images out of your mind right now. Electric bikes, or e-bikes, are more similar to the non-motorized bicycles that you are familiar with than either of those other devices.

AroundtheBlock Electric Bike 500W

In most cases, you still have to pedal an electric bicycle to make it go, just as you would a traditional bike. What the battery and the motor on an electric bicycle do is provide an extra boost in situations when pedaling would otherwise become more difficult, such as when you are going up a steep hill. An electric bike may be a good option if you are interested in getting back into bicycling but have not ridden in a long time.

Part of what sets an electric bike apart from a motorcycle or a moped is its maximum velocity. Unlike those other vehicles, which can reach highway speeds, an electric bike usually tops out at about 30 miles per hour.

2. Electric Trikes

At first, you may think that riding a tricycle is taking you too far back into your childhood. However, there are three-wheeled conveyances available for grown-ups as well.

Electric Tricycle SixThreeZero

An electric tricycle for adults can offer you advantages over a bicycle. Once you learn to ride it properly, it offers more stability than a bicycle even when you are stopped. The space between the wheels can potentially offer you more hauling capacity, making a tricycle a more practical transportation option. An electric trike offers the same pedal assist that an electric bike does.

3. Fat Tire Bikes

Fat tire bikes were invented specifically to give riders stability in the snow but have proven much more versatile than that.

Fat Tire Bike

A fat tire bike can allow you to ride on road conditions that would significantly slow a regular bike, such as loose gravel, sand, and mud. Fat tire bikes are easy to ride for all experience levels because they offer better balance. They are also more comfortable to ride because the tires absorb a lot of the vibration.

Check out these and other cool bikes available from online vendors and rediscover the excitement of riding.

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  • Misskhae

    I really want to make biking as hobby dahil nakaka healthy din to 😀 I don’t know but reading this post makes me realize that I should clean up my bike and start riding it again hahaha oooh the fat tires bikes are sooo cool!

  • Aaliziyah

    I love riding bikes! HThis is actually an eye opener for me in some way because I never thought that bikes have names. Lol! Hahaha! The fat tire bike looks cute :”)

  • blair villanueva

    These bicycles are so cool, but let’s say I’m kindly traditional. I want non-electric but vintage bicycles. I am actually on the process of buying one 🙂

  • Thea Octavo

    The electric bike is what caught my attention the most! It’s lightweight and simple. Basically, every minimalist type of people’s kind of bike! This will really be the future of transportation and I’m happy that we’re leaning towards an eco friendly alternative!


    These are some cool bikes you have there! I haven’t gone out in a while, but I’ve heard that a lot of people are biking now to get to places. I myself, am actually thinking of buying a scooter. Lol

  • Danica Marasigan

    Riding a bike is also my frustration… so with that, I think I’ll settle with the Electric Trikes haha!But I am amazed with the idea that bikes have been a common purchase this pandemic.

    My brother is a bike enthusiast.He keeps upgrading every month. I’ll show him these and ask what he thinks about these types.

  • Hazel

    It’s quite embarrassing to admit this but I don’t know how to ride a bike! I’m too scared and I think because of my strict parents who won’t allow me to ride one, nawalan ako ng interest matuto din. Stationary bikes lang ang kaya ko hahaha!

  • Tina P

    Riding a bike has always been a life frustration of mine. So seeing that kind of 3-wheeler for adults definitely gave me the much needed urgency to try once again. 🙂 Will get back to you if it works!

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