• The 5 Wishes I have for my son when he grows up

    Top 5 Wishes For My Son

    Merry Christmas! Yes, it’s Christmas today and looking at social media posts, I saw a lot of ‘What’s your wish?’ or ‘What do you want to receive?’ Instead of asking that to myself, I wrote the top 5 wishes I have for my son when he grows up and can decide for himself. That he accepts Jesus as his Lord and Savior Accepting Jesus as his Lord and savior is a guarantee that he will be saved and have eternal life in Heaven. Isn’t this the best wish one could ever have for their children? Not good deeds, not good words, and not just going to church will save us.…

  • Purefoods-Heat-Eat-Viands for Mother's Day

    Elevate Mother’s Day with Effortless Filipino Flavors from Purefoods Ready-to-Eat

    As Mother’s Day approaches, many of us are searching for meaningful ways to celebrate the incredible women in our lives. This year, why not treat your mom to a special homemade meal without the hassle? With Purefoods Heat & Eat Viands, you can effortlessly create dishes like Bistek Tagalog and Chicken Meatballs, ensuring your mom feels extra loved and appreciated this Mother’s Day. Remember those moments when your mom poured her love into every home-cooked meal she served? Now, it’s your turn to give back that same love through her favorite dishes. Imagine the joy of serving up slow-cooked, flavorful meals that require just minutes to prepare. Whether you’re a…

  • PSAHelpline PSA Certificates

    PSAHelpline: Your Online Channel for PSA Certificates

    PSAHelpline.ph is a user-friendly online channel that simplifies the process of acquiring essential PSA certificates, including birth, marriage, death, and Certificate of No Marriage or CENOMAR. The website is easily accessible through desktops, tablets, or mobile phones. It offers a convenient and secure solution for Filipinos seeking a straightforward and efficient way to obtain vital civil registry documents wherever they are in the country. Since 2000, PSAHelpline.ph has swiftly addressed the need for hassle-free ordering and delivery of PSAcertificates. In an effort to provide better services, it has undergone remarkable enhancements, offering seamless and efficient features over the years. PSAHelpline.ph Features 1. Easy, Fast, and Secure Ordering Process PSAHelpline provides…

  • April Fools' Day graphics
    Personal Musings

    April Fools’ Day

    The first of April will no longer be an April Fools’ Day, for us, at least. I think there are no other blog titles that can suffice for what I will share this time; so be it. I am also not sure if my readers (if any) have already found this blog. The previous domain has expired, and I haven’t announced in my socials that I have a new domain. I guess it’s safe to write our story here. Yes, it was 7 months later. Am I okay? Have we moved on? No, we’re not okay. No, we haven’t moved on. I’m not even sure if I can finish this,…

  • photo of k-dramas

    Promise, it’s the last K-drama episode (not)…

    “One more K-drama episode, and I’m done.” But who are you kidding? haha Why give up? Because it has taken a bunch of my waking and sleeping hours, I thought giving up Netflix would be a good start. But I found a new app where I can watch kdramas for free! hahaha It’s not an addiction, but let’s leave it that way. When my husband passed away, the desire to watch K-dramas, along with music and snippets of Suga from BTS, grew stronger as it somehow kept me out of reality. Yes, they kept me sane, but they made me so busy that it’s affecting my daily life already. I…

  • Shy girl awkward peeping
    Personal Musings

    Small talk and awkwardness

    Small talk, casual conversations. The… ‘Hey, how are you doing?’ ‘I’m good. You?’ ‘Yeah, feeling great too!’ or, ‘Not that great…’ And then, awkward silence. Have you been in the same boat? The awkwardness. Thinking a hundred times before you utter a single word or a nonsense question to break the silence. You sometimes wait for the other party to talk or keep silent until one leaves the area. haha I thought I was weird. That it was just me who was like this. But, I’m not. I saw a lot of people like this, too! Yey. haha I remember I was once branded as a snob because I didn’t…

  • Brewed Musings logo woman holding a pen writing on a notebook
    Personal Musings

    Countertop Blog (aka blog update 2023)

    Hey, there! Just a quick blog update. If you’ve been following my old blog or my social media accounts (homebound mom), you must have been wondering. “Is Homebound Mom hacked?” “Why is her domain name different?” “Is this the same person?” “We need an explanation!”As if someone cares. haha Not sure if there are still people visiting my old domain name, ‘homebnd.com’, which now houses press releases and random stuff. No. I am not hacked. New domain, rebrand? Simply because the name, Homebound Mom, doesn’t resonate with me anymore. A lot has happened in the past few months, yes, I will spill some tea here. Maybe tomorrow, next week, or…

  • a man cooking using a wok

    Khao Khai Brings Thai Street Food to BGC

    The Thai diner concept Khao Khai “Thai Chicken House”, which introduced the authentic and unbeknown flavors of Northern Thai cuisine in the Philippines, has recently unveiled its 7th branch in Metro Manila located at 2/f Crossroads, BGC. First opened in Poblacion, Makati in 2019, Khao Khai has expanded into a portfolio of several branches all through the course of the pandemic – the most challenging years in the restaurant industry. Owned and operated by Making Fine Group, the same F&B group behind Tiger Sugar, Gram Cafe & Pancakes, and Chunky Boss, its growth is being driven by the warm reception of the local dining crowd to some of the least…