• CDO Karne Norte Picadillo

    CDO Karne Norte Picadillo

    “Guisado na naman?” Tired of listening to this line whenever I tell him that we will eat CDO Karne Norte for breakfast or lunch. So, I scoured the internet to look for a new recipe to try. After an hour of searching, I found nothing that he liked. With exasperation, I checked the label in the can and found out that they have a written recipe there, and you guessed it right, the recipe is CDO Karne Norte Picadillo. Sharing the recipe and video here with you: Ingredients: 2 cans of CDO Karne Norte⠀onion, garlic, tomato⠀potato, carrots⠀cabbage, green peas, bell pepperwater, egg⠀salt, pepper How to Cook: 1. Saute garlic, onion,…