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    Khao Khai Brings Thai Street Food to BGC

    The Thai diner concept Khao Khai “Thai Chicken House”, which introduced the authentic and unbeknown flavors of Northern Thai cuisine in the Philippines, has recently unveiled its 7th branch in Metro Manila located at 2/f Crossroads, BGC. First opened in Poblacion, Makati in 2019, Khao Khai has expanded into a portfolio of several branches all through the course of the pandemic – the most challenging years in the restaurant industry. Owned and operated by Making Fine Group, the same F&B group behind Tiger Sugar, Gram Cafe & Pancakes, and Chunky Boss, its growth is being driven by the warm reception of the local dining crowd to some of the least…

  • Meatballs-in-Black-Truffle-Sauce-for-Christmas-Feast

    Christmas Feast Ideas That You’ll Love

    There are two traditional feasts that Filipino families often look forward to during Christmas time: the Christmas Eve Noche Buena and the one that follows on the 25th itself, which is often held as part of a festive family reunion. Either way, expect those in charge of preparing the dishes to pull out all the stops to serve the most delectable food on the table for everyone to enjoy. And if that happens to be you, the chances are high that you already have some recipes in mind to make each of these feasts a gastronomic delight to remember. They might even be all-time family favorites or even hand-me-downs from…

  • Chicken Caldereta

    Chicken Caldereta Recipe, How To Cook Caldereta Using My Trusted Mix

    Can I let you in on a little secret? Before I got married, I don’t know how to cook complicated dishes without a cookbook. The only ones I know by heart were fried dishes, ginisang ampalaya, adobo, and sinigang. So, how did I know how to cook chicken caldereta? The answer is Mama Sita’s Meal Mixes. Mama Sita’s® line of food mixes and sauces was born out of Mrs. Teresita “Mama Sita” Reyes’ pity for Filipinos abroad. She was worried that ‘children would grow up without getting to savor Filipino cuisine due to the absence of necessary ingredients and the time-consuming way of preparing them.‘ **Information is from Mama Sita’s…

  • Salmon HQ Baked Sushi

    You Need to Order Salmon HQ’s Baked Sushi NOW!

    What started as a fad has now become a staple in a lot of people’s dining tables. Whether it’s to celebrate a birthday or just to get through the week, baked sushi is what you need.  Now that we’ve established that, it’s time for you to meet the Queen of all Baked Sushi, Salmon HQ.  Salmon HQ used to be known for their trays of big, fresh, juicy salmon, but now, they have made a name for themselves when it comes to Baked Sushi.  3 types of Sushi Bake by Salmon HQ Salmon HQ has three types of baked sushi, the Crunchy California Sushi Bake, the Aburi Salmon Scallops Ebi Sushi Bake,…

  • CDO Karne Norte Picadillo

    CDO Karne Norte Picadillo

    “Guisado na naman?” Tired of listening to this line whenever I tell him that we will eat CDO Karne Norte for breakfast or lunch. So, I scoured the internet to look for a new recipe to try. After an hour of searching, I found nothing that he liked. With exasperation, I checked the label in the can and found out that they have a written recipe there, and you guessed it right, the recipe is CDO Karne Norte Picadillo. Sharing the recipe and video here with you: Ingredients: 2 cans of CDO Karne Norte⠀onion, garlic, tomato⠀potato, carrots⠀cabbage, green peas, bell pepperwater, egg⠀salt, pepper How to Cook: 1. Saute garlic, onion,…

  • Buffalo Chicken Wings

    Buffalo Wings Recipe

    Can it still be called Buffalo Chicken Wings even if it’s not spicy? Or, just plain sweet chicken wings? haha We originally planned to try cooking a spicy buffalo chicken wings, since we have a toddler, we just left out the hot sauce. Here’s our Buffalo Wings recipe: Ingredients:⠀⠀1 tsp pepper⠀1 tsp salt⠀2 tbsp fish sauce⠀1 egg⠀1 kg chicken wings⠀2 tbsp butter⠀4 tbsp tomato sauce⠀4 tbsp brown sugar⠀2 tbsp soy sauce⠀3 tbsp flour⠀4 tbsp cornstarch⠀2 tsp garlic powder⠀hot sauce optional⠀sesame seeds PROCEDURE: Pour the salt, pepper, fish sauce, and egg to the chicken then mix. Marinate for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, add the flour and cornstarch to the chicken…

  • Home Food Kids Kitchen Camp

    Kids Kitchen Camp: Home Foodie Live Series

    Let your little Home Foodie master chefs enjoy a hands-on Facebook cooking & baking session. Resident Home Foodie chefs will do a live learning session of 5 scrumptious, kid-friendly recipes for the Kids Kitchen Camp. Home Foodie will post a collage of all participants who joined, so don’t forget to take a selfie while cooking! Click going in the Home Foodie FB event page to confirm your attendance and be updated on this online event on April 28, 2:00 PM (GMT+8): bit.ly/HFKKC! Don’t forget to read the guidelines, waiver, and recipes! The Home Foodie chefs will demo the following 5-Kid Friendly Recipes at the Kids Kitchen Camp: Tender Juicy Fries 3-Ingredient…