Stand Up Pouch Packaging

Stand Up Pouch Packaging Guide: Materials, Benefits & How To Choose

Stand up pouch is becoming an increasingly popular packaging option, especially for food items. If you are interested in this packaging option, you may be interested to learn more about stand up pouch. The following information about mylar bags and similar products will help you find the best packaging for your business.

Stand Up Pouch Packaging
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What Is Stand Up Pouch Packaging Made Of?

This packaging can be made from almost any polymer (plastic). The most common option is mylar, a special type of PET that has been stretched to achieve superior strength and stability. However, there are some competing alternatives available as well. The popularity of mylar stems largely from its flexible design options and native resistance to tearing, punctures, moisture, odors and other hazards that can affect foods. Additionally, mylar can be printed with relative ease.

Some stand up pouches are designed with additional layers such as PET, PR, PCR and BOPP. These can add additional protective qualities as well as change the appearance of the packaging.

Stand Up Pouch

Reasons Why You Should Consider Stand Up Pouch Packaging

Stand up pouches are among the most popular options for food packaging today. They provide a variety of unique benefits:

  • High Visibility: The stand-up design of these pouches helps them to get noticed on the shelf. In the competitive food industry, catching the eyes of consumers is essential.
  • HD Printing: Adding to the above benefit, stand up pouch printing allows for photo-quality designs. These are often brighter and clearer than the printing on competitive packaging.
  • Strong and Durable: Mylar is a very durable material. It is impressively resistant to tears and punctures. These pouches can take a beating in transit without a problem.
  • Space-Saving: Pouches can be stored flat when empty. They take up less space compared to rigid designs, even when filled with product.
  • Chemical Stability: Mylar is impressively resistant to various chemical reactions. This means that you can store all sorts of foods in it without having any unwanted impacts on the product.
  • Package Features: Polymer pouches are well-designed for various built-in features. This may include resealable tops and hang holes, for example.

Choosing the Right Stand Up Pouch Packaging

There is a wide variety of stand up pouch providers with varying products. You will want to find an option that can provide the features you need to achieve success. This may include physical features such as resealable closures, hang holes, tear notches and special finishes. It may also include printing options such as QR-code packaging.

Additionally, you will want to find pouches that can work for your budget. While some other packaging options may be less expensive at first, pouches more than make up for this with their transit and storage cost-saving characteristics and on-shelf presence. The right stand up pouches could help to give your business its best sales period yet.

Get Custom Stand Up Pouches

Discover more about stand up pouches and how they can help your business thrive in foods, supplements, health & beauty, pet foods and many other industries. This is one of the best packaging options available. Start exploring your options today and see what your business could achieve.

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