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Goodbye and thank you, Converge! Hello, Aurora!

It’s been a while! This title has been sitting in my draft since June. I got so busy with work and other stuff that I forgot about it already. Well, I think now is the time to really say goodbye, Converge.

The blog I wrote about how to check your Converge billing statement remains at the top spot of the most read article here. Sadly, we’ve moved on! With the growing number of complaints about their service, we have decided to change our internet provider.

Converge disconnection process

The disconnection process was easy. I just went to their office with the device, cables, and remote control and told them that I would like to stop our subscription already.

With no other questions asked besides the registered name, the agent processed the disconnection. We just had to wait for 1 more month before they finally removed our subscription because the deposit is non-refundable.

Hello, Aurora!

When we moved into our place last 2017, Converge was the only internet provider available. That time, when you search about it online, you’ll only see praises about their service and recommendation posts. Fast forward to 2021, all you’ll see now are complaints about how bad the connection is.

We were not concerned at first because it seldom affects us, not until quarantine happened! The internet connection was good because it’s just me who’s using it at home before, we only have 5mbps by the way. But when my husband started working from home, too…!%$#^%@$&%$@!!!!   Okay, I won’t say anything anymore! 🤣 🤣 🤣

We were talking about upgrading to Converge FiberX, but just in time, someone posted in our village Facebook group about a new internet provider.

Aurora, an “An Internet Provider that will bring you fast, stable, and reliable Fiber Internet to the community”. I doubted it at first because I haven’t heard anything about it, aside from the fact that their main provider is PLDT. Their Facebook page is not that active, and they only serve 2-3 areas at that time, I think (correct me if I’m wrong. TIA!).

After checking our neighbors’ feedback on their service, we have decided to try Aurora while waiting for our Converge to be fully disconnected. We got 25mbps for only ₱1,299!

We have been using Aurora for four months now, and I have nothing but good words about them. Fast connection, great customer service, and they always update us if there’s system maintenance or if there are problems in the connection.

***THIS IS NOT A PAID POST btw! haha

Is there an ‘Aurora’ internet connection in your area? If none, which internet provider are you using and how’s the connection so far? I’m curious!

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