• Aurora Internet Provider

    Goodbye and thank you, Converge! Hello, Aurora!

    It’s been a while! This title has been sitting in my draft since June. I got so busy with work and other stuff that I forgot about it already. Well, I think now is the time to really say goodbye, Converge. The blog I wrote about how to check your Converge billing statement remains at the top spot of the most read article here. Sadly, we’ve moved on! With the growing number of complaints about their service, we have decided to change our internet provider. Converge disconnection process The disconnection process was easy. I just went to their office with the device, cables, and remote control and told them that…

  • Converge Billing Statement

    How to check your Converge Billing Statement (SOA)

    I can’t remember when’s the last time we received our Converge Billing Statement (SOA) — cable and internet plan. I called their customer service more than a year ago to ask why am I not receiving it anymore. The agent I talked to told me that all SOA will now be sent to the registered email address, but I haven’t received any. We just ended up paying our monthly bill without the SOA because it’s a fixed amount anyway. There even came a time that they cut our connection without any notice. When I called to ask why, they said we missed a month of payment because of the adjusted…