Playful Baby Wipes

Playful Baby Wipes Review

Baby wipes — every mom’s life-saver when we go out with our little one.

Playful Baby Wipes

I came across Playful Baby Wipes while searching for an alternative. It is cheaper than what we are currently using and has good reviews.

Playful Baby Wipes is owned by Primero World Alliance Corp, a Philippine-based import company founded in August of 2004. It comes in two variants: Hypo-Allergenic Baby Wipes (blue packaging) and Anti-bacterial All Purpose Wipes (pink packaging).

Hypo-Allergenic Baby Wipes is alcohol and fragrance-free to gently care for baby’s sensitive skin, while Anti-bacterial All Purpose Wipes is paraben-free and has a light floral scent when used on the skin. Both are made with high-quality soft fibers and are infused with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to keep baby’s skin healthy and moisturized.

I have been using both variants for a month now and I am satisfied with the performance. My toddler’s skin is slightly sensitive, especially the bum area, but I haven’t seen any redness or rashes so far when I used it.

As each sheet is thick and moisture is just enough, 1 or 2 pulls would suffice for a dirty hand or to clean up my baby’s bum when we are outdoors.

Price (as of August 7, 2019)

I bought mine in Lazada if you are wondering where I purchased them. Hypo-Allergenic Baby Wipes: 90’s – P76.00, 55’s – P47.00, 30’s – P33.25.
Anti-bacterial All Purpose Wipes: 90’s – P80.75, 30’s – P37.00, 15’s x 3 packs – P60.00.

They sell these in bundles as well if you are looking to purchase in bulk. They also sell Playful Baby Diapers – magic tape, and pants – but I haven’t tried it yet on my toddler.

I am just so happy to share that I found a great and affordable product for my toddler.


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