Am I good enough as a mom

Am I Good Enough as a Mom?

As a mom, am I good enough? Being a parent is not easy, especially for us, first-time moms. Most of the time, we rely on our own strength and push ourselves to be the best mom that we can be, competing with other moms. Then we get overwhelmed and feel sad asking ourselves, can I really do this?

As I was looking for devotional for moms online, I bumped into this great plan from YouVersion Bible App. I would like to share this to moms who are having a hard time. May this inspire and answer your questions as well.

Rejoicing in our Weakness

“You are enough.” You’ve probably heard that phrase on loop – especially if you’re a mom. It’s the same mantra repeated over and over again, till we’ve likely come to accept it as truth. 

But, are you and I really enough? Is this well-intentioned phrase failing us as Christian moms?

You’ve just walked in the house weighed down with grocery bags, the baby’s car seat, and a tired heart, do you really have what it takes to respond patiently to your toddler’s tantrum? When you’ve finished a long day’s work with screaming deadlines and unsympathetic bosses, do you have the reserves to play with your little energizer bunny? When you’ve heard your tween snap at you more times than not, do you have the grace to not snap back?

This may sound disenfranchising, but you and I are never enough. No one is. And that’s why we need Jesus. 

In acknowledging our ‘never-enoughness,’ we find strength because we fix our eyes on the One who is always enough. You don’t have to look within yourself and scrape out reserves that are running on empty. Mom, you don’t have to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and keep pushing through. You don’t have to prove your worth to yourself or to anyone else. 

When you acknowledge that you’re not enough, you have the wonderfully-freeing option of saying, “Jesus, I can’t do this. Please take over.” His strength is made perfect in our weakness. 

Lean In

Father, Sometimes, being a parent is hard. I simply don’t have what it takes. Thank You for the freedom I have in acknowledging that I am not enough. Thank You for asking us to cast all our burdens on You because You alone give us real rest. Amen

The above devotional is shared with permission from the Author, Susan Narjala. More about this devotional on YouVersion Bible App – Motherhood: The Freedom Of Not Being Enough by Susan Narjala. You can also visit her blog or Facebook Page Alliteration Alley.

Please do not copy and paste. You may share but give proper credit.


  • Geralvie Caplas

    I remember the preach from my high school religion class before about the meaning of CHRISTIAN – ” Christ, I Am Nothing”. But we may not be enough, the important thing is that we know for ourselves that we have done our best and that we do everything in accordance with God’s teachings. 😊❤️

  • theresa

    Hugs mamsh. Yes we are enough. Being with a kid with special needs, I always ask that almost everyday. But I know my prayers are greater than my worries. So yeah, we are enough.

  • Abby

    I know I’m not the best mom. I failed in so many things when it comes to parenting but I’m trying my best to be a good mom. Maybe it’s not enough to be good but at least I do my part as a mom.

  • Adventures with Docah

    Not yet a mom. But somehow i felt what youre pointing out. Made me realize if my mom is thinking about this too. Hayyy..

  • Mumshie Nica

    This is a good read especially to first-time moms, like me. Mixed emotions talaga nararamdaman ko, lalo na may work din ako na inaalala, nakakdagdag ng stress, pero after work pag-uwi ko sa anak ko at masaya niya akong sinasalubong nawawala ang stress ko. Yung moment lang na yun na masaya syang nakikita ako feeling ko tama ang ginagawa ko bilang isang ina.

  • blair villanueva

    Everyone is unique and different, including Mothers. That’s why we can’t tell and dictate how a Mother governs her household and her children coz it is her special strategies.

  • clang

    Reading this article, parang gusto ko yakapin si mama at magpasalamat sa kanya. Feeling ko kasi kahit hindi niya sinasabi sa amin pero tanong din niya sa sarili niya yang “Am I Good Enough as a Mom?”.

  • Jan Darren Guiwan

    it is true that being a parent is a 180-degree turn from being single, adding up from the realities is child-rearing. Never been a parent but I have observed from family and friends whom I witnessed bearing child to educating them. There are days of them like giving up. Some married friends would seek advise from me (like am I married too?). That is why a look up much on mothers. With all the balancing they do with every minute of their lives.

  • Karla

    Every mother has her own style of parenting. I think there’s no such thing as a perfect motherhood. As they say, you do you. When you do whatever you think is best for your kids, that makes you a good mom.

  • Wendy

    even I as a stay at home mom has this doubts sometimes. but i know time will come i wouldn’t be enough. my sons are growing and their needs are growing, too. i will not be enough anymore. but for now, they have me and i make sure my self-doubts are not transparent to them.

  • Hazel

    This post is so timely for Mother’s Day! Often moms are seen as superwoman by their kids and spouse and the society, but really… they’re struggling… so this is comforting for them to know that it’s okay to acknowledge their weakness and seek Jesus. 🙂 Faith is important.

  • Dawn

    I’m not a mom yet and at times I am unsure if I am ready. This morning I was thinking about it and I just prayed to God and asked him to bless me one at the right time. I have lots of friends who have babies of their own and sometimes hubby asks me if we can have one already. We just lift it up to God.

  • Pao

    Hi! This is a normal feeling especially for new mothers, they feel overwhelmed because of the hormonal changes in their bodies. Support from the family is the best way to fight these post partum blues

  • Lalaine

    I have mixed emotions with your article. As a working mom, I want to give my best to my daughter making sure she’s well provided with all her needs, However in order to do that, I have to work and that takes away my time to be with her. it’s sad but that’s the reality of life now.

  • Sarrah Cea

    I am not yet a mom but seeing my loved ones and friends dedicate their lives to their children is beyond what anyone can do. It is a difficult lifetime job but I love how you hold on to God to help you in your motherhood. God bless mommy! You are more than enough!

  • Maryjoy

    Bsta ngagawa ntin best ntin s mga bby ntin. Ok n un hehe!. Enough na ang maparamdam ntin kung gaano tau ka swerte na dumatinh sila s buhay ntin

      • Kurt

        I believe all mothers do their best to give a good life to their kids. Yung unconditional love na meron sila for their kids, that can’t be measured by anything. Kaya kudos to all the mothers who have sacrificed so much for their family!

    • dorry lyn

      unconditional love, care, support and guidance to our kids. . . with all these and other unmentioned effort we did and going to do for the betterness of our kid is already enough to be called as a great mama
      Happy Mother’s Day!

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