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Top 6 Mom Support Groups I Love on Facebook

I knew nothing about motherhood before I gave birth. And because I live far from my family, I rely heavily on web/social media, especially mom support groups, researching everything I need to know in raising my kid.

Listed here are the Top 6 Mom Support Groups on Facebook that I visit almost every day.

Mommy Blogger Pehpot Mommy Club

  • A group created by Mommy Pehpot, an award-winning and top Mommy Blogger from the Philippines.
  • The group was created last September 2018 and has 6.1k followers as of this writing. Mommy Pehpot’s own Facebook page has 210k followers by the way. Amazing, right?
  • Aside from the fact that Mommy Pehpot is an idol when it comes to blogging, I particularly love this group because I can relate to the moms who post their concerns on the feed. A lot of moms are very active in extending their support, advice, and opinion without disrespecting other moms. If a particular post did not follow the group rules, the admins are quick to correct it or remind the mom who posted it.
  • Mommy Pehpot is also very active in handling the group. She usually runs giveaways exclusive to the group and shares her blessings to the members of the community. I remember some moms who happily shared that they received mobile load from Mommy Pehpot herself. 🙂

Mommy Levy’s Tribe

  • A group created by Mommy Levy, another award-winning Mommy Blogger from the Philippines. Like Mommy Pehpot, Mommy Levy has been blogging for more than a decade now.
  • Started March 2019.
  • Although the tribe has 811 members only as of today, the group’s description is what made me join:

    “Mommy Levy’s Tribe is a community designed to inspire, uplift and empower each other to be a better and stronger person. This is a platform focused on dreams, aspirations, and ways to believe in yourself. Whatever your circumstances and struggles right now, with God’s grace, with the good people around you, you should be determined to #beLEVYoucan. Ideas like a practical living, how to have a positive attitude, how to feel good about yourself and sharing products to help make life easier are all welcome to post here.”

    Who wouldn’t want a community that believes in positivity?
  • I love that she calls the members as dreamers and believers.
  • Mommy Levy also shares her blessings to the members of the group and run giveaways.
Mommy Support Groups

TBDM Mommy Club

  • Description: “Welcome to the spin-off of your beloved group, The Baby Depot Manila. This group is an online sisterhood where we can all find support and friendship from mommies all over the Philippines.”
  • I can’t really remember how I found this group. 🙂 This is my go-to for tips on motherhood, reviews, chika about trending topics, and what k-drama to watch. haha
  • The group has 25,400 members. Owned by mommy Jelly Lagman Victor if I’m not mistaken.
  • Moms are confident to post personal issues here thanks to the strict guidelines of the admins. Screenshots are prohibited. Expect that moms will give their all-out support to any moms who asked for it.

Smart Parenting Village

  • Smart Parenting Village is the official Facebook group of which has 57,793 members.
  • It started in September 2017.
  • Description: “It is a comfort zone for parents — and a community free of judgment. As members, we encourage everyone to join discussions and share your tips and experiences when it comes to pregnancy, parenting, and health (yours and your child’s).”
  • Unlike other groups, dads are allowed to join here. Parents post their personal experiences, questions, tips, and advice on parenthood.
  • Conversations in the group are on the record as Smart Parenting use these as content / social media post. They will let you know of course when they use your post.


  • Created by the TV Personality and blogger, Amanda Griffin-Jacob.
  • Group created in May 2014 and has 37k members.
  • Description: “….set up for discussions on motherhood, being a woman and life. We want to provide a venue for credible information and a great support system amongst fellow women.”
  • Glam-O-Mamas group has an English-only policy as it has members from other countries as well who do not speak Filipino.

1st Time Moms

  • I joined the 1st Time Moms group last year. This was introduced to me by Mheg Verduguez of The Prudent Mama who I first met at the 10th Baby, Kids, and Family Expo PH (click the link to know how I met her).
  • Description: “We are a support group created to help, share, empower, guide, and provide information to first time Pinay moms and dads. Place where you can distress by joining games, raffles, and contests with your fellow parents.” Everyone is welcome to join the group.
  • It started in February 2016 and has 30,632 members.
  • It was through this group that I got to meet and join the Johnson’s Baby PH Mombassadors.

These are just some of the Facebook mom support groups that I joined when I became a mom. There are a lot more: Millennial Moms PH Group, Mommy Practicality Community, as well as Mommy Nation PH of TAP, etc. My baby is now 3 years old, without the moms on these support groups, I’m not sure if I will be able to do the things I did as a mother on my own.

Let me just finish this post with this:


How about you, what are your favorite mom support groups on Facebook?

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