Open Your Eyes to Better Eye Care

Where words are restrained, the eyes often talk a great deal.” – Samuel Richardson

Gary Valenciano for George

More than our window to the world, our eyes send unconscious social queues that communicate the real us, way better than any words put together. It can convey affection, hostility, and even indifference. And to see the beauty around and within us, it is but prudent to take better care of our eyesight.

Better Eye Care

This is the core commitment of George, one of the premier eye care providers in the country. For almost six decades, George has always been at the forefront in advocating professional eye care to its clientele. It remains committed to delivering only the best solutions and incomparable services at a level of excellence synonymous with global standards.

Fact is, George is the only optical store operation that conducts a complete eye assessment procedure called EyeCare360. More than the usual eye check-ups done in most optical shops, EyeCare360 goes deeper into the visual system as a whole. This kind of procedure examines and accesses eye abnormalities that may lead to sight-threatening conditions like cataracts, glaucoma, and complications brought about by diabetes and hypertension.

Reaffirming the Commitment to Better Eye Care


To reestablish its commitment, George’s flagship store in SM Megamall reopens its doors to customers this September 5. This milestone likewise signifies the company’s transition from George Optical to simply “George.”

The newly renovated store at the Ground Floor of Building A features two consultation rooms with two licensed practicing Optometrists available at any time within mall hours. These well-trained eye doctors are readily available to examine eyes for both vision and health problems as well as correct refractive errors through prescriptive eyeglasses. They are also competent to help customers find the glasses that best flatter their faces and fit their personality and style.

George Staff

See Better in Style

The optical store also displays a broad mixture of local and high-end designer brands from IC Berlin, Oakley, Rayban, Adidas to Silhouette among others. An addition to the selection is Privé ’Revaux, a new brand co-founded by Hollywood A-listers Jamie Foxx, Hailee Steinfeld, and Ashley Benson.

George Opening

Leading the short yet impactful George SM Megamall store re-opening are its President Dr. Geoffrey Co, Co-Founder Mrs. Belen Co, and George Brand Ambassador Gary Valenciano. In attendance also are special guests singer and songwriter Gio Levy and guitarist and Indie artist Joko Reantaso.

Open your eyes to Better Eye Care

Our sight is important. It is a must to be proactive in taking care of our eyes. All the more that it is prudent to entrust our eyes to better eye care specialists. More than opting for an optical hub that provides the best solutions and incomparable services, take into consideration the one that shows genuine care for our eye health. Let us open our eyes to better eye care brought by George.

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