Suklob Kristoffer Martin

Kristoffer Martin Plays Abused Son in Suklob

Kristoffer Martin is back in another heart-tugging, true-to-life story of an abused son in Tanikala presents Suklob, this Good Friday, April 10, 5:30 p.m. on GMA.

Kristoffer, as Nett Gochuico, grew up doubting the existence of a loving God. Seen as bringing bad luck, he was physically abused by his father and was often blamed for the unfortunate events that happened in their family.

Suklob Kristoffer Martin

The award-winning actor admits that he is always thrilled about taking on Tanikala roles. To Kristoffer, his widely acclaimed character in Buyonero and now in Suklob ]are some of the most challenging to portray because they have such a huge impact on its viewers.

“When we made Buyonero, I’ve read a lot of tweets from people saying that their faith in God was strengthened after watching it. It really had an impact on their lives. It’s my second time working with CBN Asia for Suklob, and it just hits differently when you make a project with a purpose – a project that inspires people to change,” the actor expressed in the vernacular.

Kristoffer could relate with Nett’s struggles with buried grief, forgiveness, and healing.

“When we were young, I also longed for a father’s affection because he was afraid to show his love for us. We lost a sister before, so our father avoided getting too attached to anyone. When I learned about it, I understood where he was coming from and I learned to forgive. My relationship with my dad changed and we are okay now. I learned the importance of acknowledging pain, recognizing fault, and extending forgiveness,” Kristoffer shared in Filipino.

Witness a story of love, forgiveness, and healing in Tanikala presents Suklob on Good Friday, April 10, 5:30 p.m. on GMA, directed by Derek Adapon, written by Mika Dizon, and produced by CBN Asia. 

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  • Wendy

    ang touching sa summary mo pa lang. Hindi na familiar sa akin ang actor kasi matagal na akong hindi nakakapanood ng tv. but maybe, I can browse this sa net in the near future pag ginawa nilang available sa net.

  • Ann

    Since I don’t watch much Philippine TV now, this is new to me. Pero pag faith related or about family matters, worth checking on my part.

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