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#JustWrite: 30-Day Writing Challenge

Few months have passed since this blogs’ anniversary. But you see, I haven’t written anything about it. If you ask me why? I can’t give you an exact answer. I have been wanting to write about it but when I sit here and look at this space, nothing comes out of my mind.

If you’ve read some of my recent blogs here, you may have noticed that it is now full of press releases (most of them were provided by the brand/company). One of the reasons I started this blog is because I want to write anything about my family, food, or lifestyle blogs. But, a lot has happened and I just don’t know what to write anymore. Yes, I am active in my social media accounts but I still would like to keep this blog as my main writing platform.

So, when I saw this 30-Day Just Write It free writing workshop on a Facebook group, I decided to join the workshop.


30-Day Just Write It Workshop is a free writing challenge by Ms. Charlyn, owner of the Freelance Writing Side Gig for Busy Employees, Moms, & Entrepreneurs Facebook group. The goal of this activity is for us to finish 2020 with something that we can treasure with the following guidelines:

Step 1 – Set your goal

I wrote this when Ms. Charlyn asked us what’s our goal for this challenge: “To improve my writing in 30 days by writing every day using the 30-day guide and prompts here in the group. ❤️”

Step 2 – Participate Daily

To participate, we should write daily and share what we wrote in the group. Make friends, support, and engage with other participants.

Step 3 – Submit your links daily

Once our entry has been posted, we should submit our links in the Official Article Bank.

We can write anything that we want but to make it easier for us, especially for me who struggle with writing daily, she will give a writing prompt every single day! Amazing, right?


Guide: Minimum of 10 words
Prompt: Have you recently changed your mind about something? What was it? What made you change your mind?

Yes. Honestly, on some days, I thought of giving up this blog and just focus on my social media accounts. But, writing is the first reason why those accounts were made which started here so I changed my mind and told myself that I will keep this blog even if I am not writing anymore. When I get old, I’ll have something to remind me that once in my life, I became a blogger.

This is it for Day 1. I will try my best to finish this writing workshop. Will I reach my goal? Let’s see after 30 days! 🙂

Will you join me in my journey, please? Would love to see your comments!

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