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On How I Became a Mommy Blogger and a Content Creator, a Blog Anniversary Post

A little less than two years ago, I was asking myself what kind of a blogger I would be. I can’t decide what I should write at that time, I just know that I want to do this. So I hopped in and created this blog, just so I can start my long-time dream and not procrastinate anymore. After a lot of thinking, I decided to become a mommy blogger.

At first, I was just writing random things about being a mom and some poems. When I knew that a lot of bloggers have their own Facebook page to share their blogs, I turned my ‘quotes page’ to be the official Facebook page of this blog.

First Project as a Mommy Blogger

I became active on social media and saw a lot of opportunities for me to grow as a blogger. I signed up to events here and there, grabbed press releases to post (as I do not have much activities and experiences to post), and joined blogger groups on Facebook.

Finally, I received an invitation via email for an event needing mommy bloggers. I was ecstatic! I remember being so excited that I didn’t mind that I had to travel for two hours just to get to the location.

It’s not paid monetarily; they treated us for lunch and gave us a token of appreciation. Was I disappointed? No. Because at that time, I was just so happy that I was invited as a mommy blogger. And that event opened up a lot more opportunities for me.

Of Ambassadorship and Content Creation

Mommy Blogger

From that first event, other bloggers told me that there’s more to just writing on this blog. One of them asked me if I want to be a brand ambassador of a known baby product and explained how it works. At first, I hesitated. Who am I to represent the brand? After careful consideration, I signed up since I use and trust that baby product for my son.

From a hesitant mom to a brand ambassador, to now being a content creator. After posting content on social media about that baby product, several other businesses reached out for collaboration. Lol, it wasn’t that much and some I get from signing up on opportunities posted on Facebook. But I do my best in each of them and treat them as a blessing from above.

Before my blogging anniversary, pandemic happened…

But thanks to technology, businesses started to adapt to the new normal and embraced digital marketing strategies to stay relevant even when people cannot go out and visit their business’ location.

Just before the quarantine was announced, I was accepted to be a part of a marketing agency that offers PR & Influencer Marketing services. Thankfully, projects came pouring in. I cannot go out physically, so everything’s done through Zoom, webinars, courier services if there are products, and via our online community of bloggers and influencers.

Although I haven’t seen them face-to-face yet, it seems that I already know them personally as we are communicating online almost every day.

Time went by so fast that I didn’t notice that I’m doing this for almost two years now. I am so thankful that I found out about being a mommy influencer, well in my case, a blogger and a content creator.

All glory and honor to God for all these blessings and opportunities. I am grateful also to the brands, PR, and agencies that I’ve worked with for trusting me, and to all those who support me especially the moms on my social media pages.

And, did I tell you that I am also a work-at-home mom? Let’s talk about that some other time.


  • Antoniette Sanchez David

    Super ganda naman nitong shinare mo samin ma sarap basahin nakakainspired ka talaga namang maganda halimbawa ito sa mga taong gusto Maging katulad mo❤️❤️❤️

  • Karen Joy Daban

    God Bless you more mommy.Looking forward for more content and reviews you make..Im always here to support you beacause your one of my mommy blogger inspiration…Thankyou for always sharing thoughts and inspirational stories to us..Keep safe and congrats..Happy anniversary

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