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Countertop Blog (aka blog update 2023)

Hey, there! Just a quick blog update.

If you’ve been following my old blog or my social media accounts (homebound mom), you must have been wondering.

“Is Homebound Mom hacked?”

“Why is her domain name different?”

“Is this the same person?”

“We need an explanation!”
As if someone cares. haha Not sure if there are still people visiting my old domain name, ‘’, which now houses press releases and random stuff.

No. I am not hacked.

New domain, rebrand?

Simply because the name, Homebound Mom, doesn’t resonate with me anymore.

A lot has happened in the past few months, yes, I will spill some tea here. Maybe tomorrow, next week, or next year. I don’t know.

Tragedy, emotions, reflections, it’s just too much to bear. Much of what I feel during these times is just written on my phone notes. Yes, you know me. I don’t talk too much about them. Either they are on my journals, blogs, phone notes, or just simply unwritten. Hiding. Suppressed.

Writing them under Homebound Mom is not fair. Since I’ll be writing about other stuff and not just motherhood anymore, I’ve decided to change my domain name to a more personal one.

Although, I will still write some lifestyle and mom stuff for sure. I just feel trapped in the old domain that I thought I always have to write about motherhood, which I don’t do a lot, hence there are no personal blog updates there. I want to write a lot of things, but it doesn’t fit the old blog. Brewed Musings it is.

Brewed Musings logo woman holding a pen writing on a notebook. blog update

Why Brewed Musings?

According to ChagGPT, yes, I’ve consulted AI <wink>, “Brewed musings” is a phrase that combines two concepts: brewing and musings. Isn’t it obvious? haha

“Brewed” refers to the process of making a beverage, typically involving steeping or boiling ingredients to extract flavors. It is commonly associated with the preparation of coffee or tea, where water is combined with ground coffee beans or tea leaves to create a brewed beverage.

“Musings” refers to deep thoughts, contemplation, or reflections on a particular subject. It implies a more introspective and reflective state of mind, often associated with creative thinking or pondering ideas.

Therefore, “brewed musings” can be interpreted as the result of a contemplative or reflective process, where thoughts and ideas are brewed or developed over time. It suggests a combination of intellectual pondering and creative expression, perhaps in the form of written works, poetry, or artistic creations.

So there, in simpler words…

No, there are no other explanations. haha

I just picked it right from the top of the AI’s suggested personal blog name. It resonated with me. It called me.


So what?

Since my old content was migrated here, I will revamp this website. I’ll update blog categories and remove blogs, press releases, and other stuff that shouldn’t be here. Homebound Mom’s social media, Facebook and Instagram, will stay as is.

By the way, it’s not just the domain that changed, I moved my blog hosting as well. And, I am lost. I don’t know how redirecting works. I’ll be searching it up online. haha So far, Namecheap’s customer service has been a great help.

Here we are. Welcome to my new home!


Still here?

Oh, you were waiting for the tea. Next time, next time. <wink>


What’s the deal with the title, ‘Countertop blog’? I started with the ‘Blog update 2023’ title, but because I was literally typing on top of a kitchen countertop, it hit me. Why don’t I put my musings under the Countertop category? haha

I can’t promise to write regularly.

But yeah, see you around!

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