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Asics to Release Two Capsule Collections In Celebration of Tokyo Olympics

While the Tokyo Olympics may have been delayed a year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, sponsoring companies are still unveiling their limited edition and special release goods to the eagerly waiting fans. For Asics, that means a couple of capsule collections built to the theme of the 2020 games.

These shoes are not only visually styled to commemorate the event, they are also built to elevate the performance of athletes in a range of Olympic events, embodying the spirit of the games in every aspect of their design and function.

Introducing the Multi-Crossings Pack

Released originally on the Asics Japan website, these shoes are available in sizes for men, women, and children. The capsule release includes two choices of shoes. The sandal, priced at $90, and a running shoe at $210. The Asics limited edition design for Olympics features the five colors that immediately bring the games to mind, arranged in overlapping strips to create a burst of bright chaos with a strong white backing.

Between the moderate pricing and the celebratory color, these are great choices for everyday wear for a superfan as well as valuable collector’s items that are sure to make their way to the secondary market. If you’re interested in the models seen in the capsule pack without the limited edition color scheme, you can find their sandals and Quantum gel running shoes wherever you shop for Asics online.

Meta Shoes for Any Runner

The second capsule pack contains the collector’s choice of three different specialized shoes for specific events, in sizes meant to appeal to adult athletes of either gender. The Metaracer, which combines Guidesole technology with a carbon fiber running plate to reduce stress on the feet during training and cross-country runs.

There’s also a spikeless track shoe available in the same sunset red that defines the line, and it represents the first entry into Asics’ line of athletic shoes for women to have a carbon sole. Rounding out the set is a volleyball shoe appropriately called the MetaRise, which has proprietary design innovations shown to boost lift an average of 3%.

All three shoes are brand new designs making their debut this year, making this capsule pack even more attractive for collectors who are athletes themselves.

Deals on Asics Trainers, Runners, and Track Shoes Online

These capsule releases are typically available through extremely narrow channels like the Asics company website for a limited time, but they always make their way to secondary markets eventually.

While they’re mostly going to wind up in the hands of collectors who are invested in their long-term preservation over their function, you can find top of the line Asics athletic shoes for practically any purpose wherever you buy men’s sneakers online.

As a brand, they are always at the top of the sport, working with new materials and shoe profiles to elevate athletic performances across the board with next-generation materials and testing. As a result, every design is rigorously checked to see where the real gains are from the previous models, producing an ever-evolving line of performance athletic gear.

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