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Community Amenities To Look Out For When Buying A New Home

Having great amenities in your community shouldn’t be your top priority when buying a house. After all, it’s only an add-on for your purchase. Still, having them in your community is a jackpot! They can surely make your living experience better and more homey in the long run.

When buying a new home, don’t hesitate to check for amenities that you can take advantage of.

Amenities to consider when buying a new home

1. Marketplace 

Amenities Marketplace

Not all home developments have marketplaces, so having one can surely make a big difference! It doesn’t have to be big where you can buy all the supplies you need. Just a small store where you can buy your essentials like toiletries, processed food, and daily supplies is more than enough. It’s also a plus if they serve fresh-off-the-market food so you can cook at home.

2. Clubhouse

A clubhouse is pretty common for most home developments, although some may still not have one. Having a clubhouse in your community is a definitely a big plus. You can have a designated place for leisure and a place where you can host parties. Some clubhouses may even have a designated gym and pool to encourage the neighborhood to work out.

3. Common parking area

Parking spaces can cause a huge problem between neighbors. This is especially true whenever visitors who have cars park at other’s parking spaces. Having a common parking space, aside from your designated parking, prevents possibilities of fights between neighbors. This also works great if you have extra cars or don’t have designated parking at home.

4. Open spaces

Open Space playground

Open spaces — where you can just chill and relax — are a great feature in the community. To fill the open spaces, developers can put amenities such as playgrounds and basketball courts in it. Otherwise, it also gives you an opportunity to plant trees and grow your plants! The best part is, they can make the air around the community healthier and more breathable.

5. Guardhouse

Making sure the doors are locked at night is a must for every homeowner. Nevertheless, having a guardhouse in the community gives you a sense of comfort and security. This is all the more applicable at night when you may not be as aware of your surroundings. They help you sleep in peace knowing you’re safe in your home.

Get all this at BellaVita!

Great thing is, BellaVita homes have all these features and amenities ready for you as soon as you move! Fiesta Market is the marketplace where homeowners can lease space to start their entrepreneurship journey. Most of all, the BellaVita neighborhood comes with a clubhouse, parks, playground, common parking area, and a guardhouse.

For more inquiries about BellaVita homes and location, visit BellaVita, or send a message through Facebook.

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  • Antoniette Sanchez David

    Nakakatuwa naman tong mga shinare mo tios or lugar na kung san mapapadali ang pang araw araw na gawain, bilihin etc dahil kung malalapit ka sa mga lugar na yan less byahe na sa malalayo mas madami kapa magagawa sa oras mo

    • Dhel Manog

      Ang ganda po netong BellaVita Homes momsh talagang magugustuhan po ng mga nagbabalak bumili ng bahay dahil meron ng malapit lang na pamilihan di na po kelangan pang pumunta sa malayo,meron din pong playground na tiyak mag eenjoy ang mga kids at buong family,At talaga naman pong safe na safe tumira dito.

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