• Lola Remedios Review

    Lola Remedios, a convenient, soothing, and ready-to-drink ‘lamig’ remedy

    I have heard a lot of great feedback about Lola Remedios. At first, I thought this is for the elderly only until I saw someone from Facebook (same age as mine) who posted about its efficacy. I have been taking it since then and was never disappointed. Remember that heavy feeling that you just want to lie down and rest all day? Your body is aching especially your back and you feel that you’ll have a cold anytime soon, our elders call it ‘lamig’. And, Lola Remedios is a just-right natural remedy for it. Lola Remedios review I was feeling a little bit under the weather, tired, and thought I’ll…

  • Mint Relief

    Mint Relief, an All-Natural Quick Relief for Dysmenorrhea

    Before I gave birth, I’m struggling every month because of dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps). Sometimes, to the point that I faint because of pain. This was lessened when I had a son, but there are months that I still experience it. I don’t really take medicine for it before because I am not sure what specific medicine to take. To manage the pain, I just use bottled hot water, tea, and essential oils — though the pain is still there, these somehow help me get through it. Last June, I received Mint Relief just in time with my monthly period. According to Wellness Refill website, Mint Relief is an all-natural food…