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You Need to Order Salmon HQ’s Baked Sushi NOW!

What started as a fad has now become a staple in a lot of people’s dining tables. Whether it’s to celebrate a birthday or just to get through the week, baked sushi is what you need. 

Now that we’ve established that, it’s time for you to meet the Queen of all Baked Sushi, Salmon HQ

Salmon HQ used to be known for their trays of big, fresh, juicy salmon, but now, they have made a name for themselves when it comes to Baked Sushi. 

3 types of Sushi Bake by Salmon HQ

Salmon HQ Baked Sushi

Salmon HQ has three types of baked sushi, the Crunchy California Sushi Bake, the Aburi Salmon Scallops Ebi Sushi Bake, and the Uni Scallops Aburi Sushi Bake. 

Crunchy California Sushi Bake

The Crunchy California Sushi Bake is the most glorious California Maki that you will ever have. It is a bigger version of the usual California Maki but made 100x better! Baked and filled to the brim of all the trimmings that come with maki, which is normally served in small doses. 

Aburi Salmon Scallops Ebi Sushi Bake

The Aburi Salmon Scallops Ebi Sushi Bake, on the other hand, is the creamiest and most savory sushi bake that you will get your mouth on. It’s filled to the brim with so much goodness that you won’t be able to finish even a small pan in one sitting. Overflowing with sumptuous goodness is a usual description.

Uni Scallops Aburi Sushi Bake

Uni and Scallops Aburi Baked Sushi

The Uni Scallops Aburi Sushi Bake is filled with sweet and briny uni, premium Kani, uni cream sauce, seasoned rice. Topped with scallops, uni, crunch & ebiko then torched to bring out the sweet smoky aroma and umami flavors. Eat it with seaweeds or on its own!

If there’s a reason to celebrate or you just need to feel good, you need to order Salmon HQ’s Baked Sushi NOW! This is the kind of sushi bake that you deserve and you need in your life. 


Small – Php 800, good for 1-3 pax,
6 3/4”x 5 3/4” comes with 1 seaweed pack

Medium – Php 1,600, good for 4-6 pax
8” x 8” comes with 2 seaweed pack

Large – Php 1,800, good for 6-8 pax, 
8 x 10 comes with 3 seaweed pack

Please note that the brand of seaweeds varies depending on the availability. An additional pack of seaweeds is Php 50.

To order, message them through Salmon HQ.

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