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    4 Benefits of Being a Work at Home Mom

    Have you ever considered quitting your office job and be a work at home mom (freelancer) to take care of your kids? If yes, what are your hesitations? Freelancing has its pros and cons. But today, I will share with you the benefits that I am getting from being a work at home mom. 1. More Time with Family I started freelancing in 2016. When I gave birth, I was thinking of going back to an office-based job to earn. But then, who will take care of my son? Getting a babysitter was not an option as the income at that time was just enough. Good thing, I stayed working…


    Rakuboss.ph: A New Skills Marketplace for Freelancers

    When the ‘gig economy’ became popular, more and more people are now gearing toward freelancing. This 2019 alone, Payoneer’s Global Gig-Economy Index, listed the Philippines as one of the Top 10 Countries with increased revenue growth. With the rise of freelancers looking for jobs online, the number of skills marketplaces also increased. Adding to the list this 2019 is Rakuboss.ph. About Rakuboss “Rakuboss is a multifaceted Filipino skills marketplace that supports freelancers from any business sector within the Philippines.” It is an easy-to-use platform, displaying a variety of freelance services, designed for clients and freelancers. How does it work? Register an account at Rakuboss.ph, just enter your Name, Email Address,…