The Joy I Felt When I Found Out I’m Pregnant

Mother with baby sleeping

It was a busy week in my world of freelancing and I am having a normal change of attitude when I’m expecting my period. I have a 25-28-day cycle but I freaked out when I missed Day 1 last March 2016. The thought of being pregnant came to mind.

We were married for 10 months then and was not really trying to conceive, be pregnant. I told my husband that I missed my period. As we wait for the right time to check, we had this mixed emotion of fear, excitement, and what-ifs letting the days pass by.

I took the test after 7 days. March 26, 2016 (we slept at a friend’s house), I woke up early but hesitated to test my urine. I don’t know why. My husband is still asleep and so I did my project for a client for a while. When my husband woke up, I gathered my courage and secretly walked into the bathroom with the pregnancy test kit.

And so it happened, I waited for a while and saw the 2 super red lines shouting that I was indeed pregnant. I felt nervous and happy and afraid. I don’t know what else can you call the feeling that I had inside the bathroom.

Before I went out, I composed myself, fixed my hair and prepared something to tell my husband. But the moment that I saw him, nothing came out of my mouth. I just felt the need to hug him and so I did. Teary-eyed, I showed him that little white PT and uttered, ‘Dad, positive’. We were both smiling and hugged each other tightly.

And now, I am the mom of a super active toddler. 🙂 Please join me as I share with you my journey as a first-time mom here on the blog.

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