Baby Discovery Day in Watsons

Baby Discovery Day in Watsons

It was 9 AM last December 16 when I saw a post in a mommy group about an exclusive invite from Johnson’s for a Baby Discovery Day in Watsons. I hesitated at first since it will be in Watsons Manhattan Cubao and the event is at 1:30 PM on the same day. But hey, it’s Johnson’s in Watsons so there’s nothing else to think about because I’m a fan of both. So yes, I signed up.

Caleb and I had a great time with the First Time Moms Pinas and other #WatsonsMoms attendees. It was a fun and exciting day for us moms, as Watsons announced that they now carry baby essentials like Diapers, Milk, Bath Essentials, and other baby stuff. We also learned new things from Nurse Chona and Mommy Omni.

How to Properly Bathe a Newborn

Nurse Chona at the Baby Discovery Day
Nurse Chona of UST Hospital

It was a day of learning as we were taught and reminded of ‘How to Properly Bathe a Newborn’ by Nurse Chona of UST Hospital. Bathing a newborn should start from the eyes, wiping it inner to outer with cotton pads. Cotton balls should not be used as it leaves lint on the baby’s skin. Next would be the face, sides of the mouth, ears, neck, and the rest of the body. Most importantly, we should #ChooseGentle products to bathe our baby like Johnson’s at it has “simpler, gentler products with no parabens, no phthalates, and no sulfates.”

Pampers by Omni Larrosa

Omni Larrosa at Watsons Baby Discovery Day
Mommy Omni Larrosa

Mommy vlogger and influencer Omni Larrosa of @omniandbryce #TheClingyFamily shared their journey with Pampers – how Pampers is better than other brands and taught us how to properly dispose of diapers. She also showed us how magic gel works. Pampers may be more expensive than others but nothing beats their quality and performance.

#WatsonsPHMoms at the Baby Discovery Day

What’s even great in the Baby Discovery day is that we were able to bond with other #WatsonsPHmoms and were able to take advantage of big discounts on selected products and got double points in our Watsons Card.⠀

DISCOUNT ALERT: From Dec 16-18, take advantage of the 15%-30% discount if you shop at their online store – Get another 15% discount if you buy Johnson & Johnson, Pampers, and Wyeth Milk brands using the WATSONSMOMS code. 💕💕

Special thanks to Mommy Mheg of The Prudent Mama for including me on the list to attend the event. I first met her at 10th BKFEP in Megamall.

Thank you @1sttimemoms @watsonsph, @johnsonsbabyph, @pampersph, @procterandgamble, and @wyeth for making this possible. 💕💕

#1TMxJohnsonsPH #1stTimeMoms #JohnsonsPH #ChooseGentle


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